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Collaborative Family Lawyer

Collaborative Family Lawyer

Collaborative family law is an option for those who want to do more than just end a dispute and settle an issue. They want to do these things in the best way possible.

The process is a constructive and respectful way to divorce or deal with other family law issues. It is most often used for divorce. Collaborative family law avoids the expensive and emotional issues that arise in many divorces. It also allows divorcing couples to have complete control of their situation. It is better for them and better for their families, especially the children.

All too often, divorce proceedings turn into breeding grounds for anger, resentment, hostility, and fear. Even couples that originally agreed on the decision to end their marriage as friends can end up bitter enemies by the end of the divorce. This destroys any potential for a healthy family. Unfortunately, the court system and the traditional legal process make divorce more difficult for families.

Collaborative family law is an option that allows couples to divorce with respect and dignity. Spouses work as a team with their lawyers and the neutral professionals they choose. The goal is to keep the spouses from becoming enemies during the process. Nobody enters into a marriage expecting or wanting to divorce, but it happens even to the best of couples. Finding a way to end the marriage without animosity and disrespect is one of the best ways to make a less-than-preferable situation a little bit better.

Risser Law is a Charlotte law firm focusing on family law. Heidi Risser strongly believes that Collaborative law methods can be used in most cases to avoid litigation and find good solutions to families wrestling with the issues surrounding separation, division of assets, custody, child support, and divorce. Ms. Risser has used these methods for many years to help clients find solutions that meet their families’ needs and goals. Ms. Risser is a member of the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals group.

Ms. Risser listens to her clients, to determine the issues and their goals. She also gives her clients and their problems individual attention. Then, she uses her legal experience to help them craft a strategy based on their goals. Ms. Risser is an expert negotiator, who will work with the other side without sacrificing the goals of her clients. She then drafts the necessary legal documents as well as files any necessary court paperwork to make the solution durable.

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