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Heidi Risser can serve as a mediator for the parties. The mediation process is different from the collaborative law process, because the mediator cannot provide legal advice and because the mediator is a neutral between the parties.

Mediation is an option for resolving legal disputes without handing control of the outcome over to the court. It is a process by which many types of disputes can be settled and it offers a wide variety of benefits.

Mediation brings the parties involved in a dispute together to explore their various options for a resolution. They discuss why it’s important to maintain control instead of moving the dispute into the courtroom. They discuss all possible solutions and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Then they work together to create a resolution that works for everyone. The goal is for everyone to walk away from the situation satisfied with the outcome instead of feeling like a winner or a loser.

The overarching positive nature of mediation is not the only benefit. Mediation is less expensive than litigation and most other methods of resolving legal disputes. It is also more efficient. It is possible to resolve even a complicated legal issue in as little as a few hours if both parties are willing to work together.

The foundation of mediation is built on communication and respect. The mediator helps parties see their way through to an ideal solution they have designed and agreed to. Everyone’s concerns are heard and addressed, which often clears the path to resolution. Compromise is an important part of mediation, but nobody is forced to sacrifice what they believe is important. Everyone is free to make their own decisions, including the decision to continue participating in the process. If the mediation is not court-ordered, then the parties can walk away from mediation.

Heidi Risser became a DRC Certified Family Financial Mediator in November of 2014. From 2016 to 2018, she served on the Fee Dispute Committee for the Mecklenburg County Bar as a volunteer fee dispute mediator. Since 2014, Ms. Risser has helped families mediate their family law matters. Parties may hire her privately, or Ms. Risser may be appointed by the court as a mediator. The benefits of mediation are many. It is private, confidential, self-scheduled and the mediator acts as a neutral working toward a settlement. The parties may represent themselves or bring their attorneys. Mediation can be a highly effective tool if your goal is to avoid a protracted and expensive court battle.