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Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinator

Parents who have experienced a high-conflict divorce often wish their family relationship would disappear completely, but it does not. These same parents must learn to co-parent their children, often for many years. This dynamic also holds for never-married parents who have adjudicated custody issues. The children wish the conflict would disappear once their parents are living apart, but the same family dynamics that led to the divorce are in place after the divorce. In such a setting, the children suffer as the parents engage in ongoing custody litigation, filing contempt action after contempt action against each other. The courts have become overwhelmed trying to handle these high conflict situations.

Finding a way to manage your family after a divorce can be difficult. Even under the best circumstances, you are dealing with complex emotions and it is not always easy to put those aside and make decisions that are in the best interest of your children and the rest of the family. This is especially true if your former spouse is making it difficult to do so. A Parenting Coordinator can help those who are just learning to parent after divorce makes the best of their complicated situation.

The Parenting Coordinator (or the PC) can enter the process at any time. The PC can guide parents through the custody and visitation process and help them make arrangements that ensure the best possible relationships between parents and children. The PC can also help parents that are struggling to navigate the sometimes confusing situations they find themselves in once the divorce is complete. And finally, the Parenting Coordinator can step in if problems arise down the road and parenting agreements must be altered.

Finding a way to work through problems in a respectful manner using healthy methods of open communication is one of the best ways to resolve parenting issues. The Parenting Coordinator can help these parents and these children by working with the families to find strategies to lower the tension and conflict for everyone. The Parenting Coordinator educates the parents about how their behavior is negatively affecting the children, facilitates effective communication techniques, assists the parents to set goals, and helps the parents meet those goals over time.

Heidi Risser is a Certified Parenting Coordinator since 2013. She has worked with families for years assisting them in creating arrangements that are specific to their needs. Her goal is to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected, while also protecting the well-being of a family’s children.